The End – Special Thanks

Hayati Fashion Week 2017 was the beginning of something amazing and we are thankful for the ups and downs that came with this event. It was not easy but we pulled through and we thankful and grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of our event.

First off I would like to say ALHAMDULILLAH! All thanks are to Allah swt. 

Then I would like to thank my mom, brother, Ohimai Oyeleke, all the volunteers, Inusa Ubby, Yanate Banigo, Hauwa Ojeifo and Hauwa Bakinson. You all know how much your help and support means to me.

We would like to thank our major sponsor Dr Zainab Umaru Shinkafi of Medicaid, who reached out to us and believed in our vision. Having Medicaid on board was amazing and we hope that attendants were able to learn as much about cancer and the role they can play to help with the fight against it, as we did.

Thank you Dunes Center and your entire team (Aunty Z, Mr. Joseph, Godwin, Harry, Aisha, Fatima, and Mr. Rashid) for being one of the first to come on board when all we had was a dream. Your support took us a long way and kept our dream alive through days when we would thought it was no longer possible.

Special thanks to Pandora who styled all the models and gave away bracelets and other amazing gifts to our guests. Your presence was really felt and working with you was an immense pleasure.

Arith & Paul, your support is unmeasurable. The visibility you provided us throughout Abuja was unparalleled. Maitama, Wuse II, Garki and Asokoro; the entire city saw our ads and we are very grateful for all the help you rendered.

Maggi, my brother and friend Eniola, and your entire team. I still cannot believe that you mobilized an entire team of 20+ people all the way from Lagos, and drove your entire jollof bar from Lagos for the FIRST time, solely for us. Thank you so much and will never forget all the efforts you put into supporting us.

To the entire Nigerian and Netherlands Vlisco team, we were completely speechless as to how much help and support you were able to render us at the last minute. All the designers who participated in showcasing their Vlisco designs were overjoyed and our audience loved your new collection as well.

The level of professionalism, faith and good will exhibited by the entire Option A Media team is inexplicable. Akin is an amazing person with a caring soul and I would never do business that involves sounds, lights and more without Option A Media.

Aisha Bala! Zainab (Zee)! You two are the epitome of friends! When I was ready to give up and bury my head in the sand, you lifted me up and held my hand all the way to the finish line. Thank you so much for the help, hosting, time, and coverage on Northern Hibiscus! I will never forget all the help you rendered.

Without an office, Bantu Studio provided us with an amazing creative space to conduct meetings, fittings and so much, and their contribution to the success of Hayati Fashion Week will never be forgotten.

Sekina and the entire Mastermind Studio! Thank you so much for saving us at the last minute. After everyone else let us down, you were right there for us when we needed it the most. Your coverage was amazing and we are immensely thankful.

Thank you for showing up and supporting us Jide. The coverage you and your Technical Magic crew provide us was world star and we are vert grateful for friends and partners like you.

Molekor, you are the true champion! Thank you for stepping in when our host didn’t show up and thank you for all the coverage you gave our event on your website. Your help will never be forgotten.

Opeyemi, you showed up for us as the last minute, no questions asked and you gave 150% and your assistance was monumental in the overall success of this event. Thank you so much for agreeing to work with us and style all our models with El Mira Styling.

Tumara Faces was a life saver during this event. At a time where various people committed and flaked at the end, Ramatu and her entire team we there for us during every step of the way and we are very grateful.

Last but not least, to all our media sponsors Hot FMNorthern HibiscusArewa MagazineHausa FulaniBarakah’s ThoughtsStyle by MolekorThat BavagalDear SalmahLeema Mustapha, and Heb Concepts, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

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